Creative female engineer – a shining example at factory Z117

With the will and determination to overcome difficulties, Captain QNCN, engineer Nguyen Thi Hong, working at Factory Z117 (General Department of Defense Industry) has achieved many admirable achievements.
In 2011, Nguyen Thi Hong worked at the Technical-Technology Department, Factory Z117. During the past 10 years, she has always performed well and excellently in all tasks, actively learning from her predecessors and drawing experiences from production practices, constantly improving herself to meet the requirements of the task. increasingly high.

In the early days of receiving the task, assigned to monitor the production techniques of some defense products, Nguyen Thi Hong was always careful and meticulous, ensuring strict, correct production processes and progress of the factory. . Not only successfully completed the assigned tasks, many of her initiatives and research topics were highly appreciated by the factory leaders and commanders. For example, when assigned to participate in researching and processing some details of weapons under the Project. Realizing the importance of the task, she persistently researched, learned, and found out the processing technology of the details suitable for the existing equipment of the factory. In addition, she actively researches and improves equipment and technology to facilitate the processing of details and ensure quality and progress. As a result, the details assigned to trial production initially stabilized manufacturing technology and equipment, meeting the production process well. With the initial success when participating in the project implementation, Nguyen Thi Hong continued to be assigned the task of making the details of the project. With her existing experience, she has successfully completed this supposedly very new and difficult task.
With tireless efforts, in 5 years (2015-2020), Captain QNCN, engineer Nguyen Thi Hong has launched 11 valuable innovations and technical improvements, benefiting hundreds of millions of dong for the factory. ; participated in 1 project at the General Department level and 3 topics and tasks at the Ministry of National Defense level. For 3 consecutive years (from 2016 to 2018), she was awarded the title of Emulation Fighter at grassroots level, Certificate of Merit from the Minister of National Defense in 2018, the title of Emulation Fighter of the whole army in 2019 and the title of Emulation Fighter of the whole army for 5 consecutive years Factory Women of Excellence.
Article and photo: LE HAI VAN (People’s Army)