Mechanical Engineering Company Limited 17 (Factory Z117) – under the General Department of Defense, formerly known as X10 Military Instrument Factory (Military Department) was established on May 19, 1956 in Hai Phong. Right from its inception, the factory was assigned by the Army to produce military equipment to serve the army in combat and training, to produce medals, medals, badges, military badges and participate in the production of business items. economy serving social life. During the resistance war against the US, the factory was assigned the task of repairing command machines, radars, anti-aircraft guns; mechanical cluster of mines, grenade fuses, artillery shells and military goods serving the Army.
Entering the renovation period, the life of officials and employees of the factory still faces many difficulties and shortages; but officials and employees still believe in and are determined to implement the comprehensive reform policy initiated by the 6th Party Congress. In particular, the Politburo issues resolutions on the construction and development of national defense industries. The company always adheres to the leadership resolutions and instructions of the Party Committee of the General Department, actively implements development measures in accordance with new orientations and new goals.
Facing the challenge of the market mechanism, being a mechanical manufacturing unit, diversified in product categories, subject to fierce competition and facing many difficulties and challenges; but by a harmonious combination between the two tasks of defense and economic production; taking advantage of every opportunity, promoting internal resources, the Company is invested to improve capacity, expand production facilities; equipment capacity, technology is innovated, advanced and modern; infrastructure is gradually upgraded; Economic relations with partners, seeking markets are constantly expanding, especially export markets (currently exporting to nearly 20 markets in the world). The company has stood firm and is constantly developing in the market mechanism.
Currently, the company is an enterprise directly serving national defense and security, belonging to the General Department of Defense Industry, is a class 1 enterprise, responsible for manufacturing defense and economic products. Import and export business of consumer mechanical products and materials, equipment and raw materials for production. With a team of managers, engineers, experienced and skilled workers, capable of meeting requirements. The company regularly strengthens investment in improving the production capacity of defense products and domestic and export consumer products, constantly improving quality, improving product designs, meeting requirements. customer. With quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, standard IWAY, 5 S, BSCI, CTPAT, SMETA, ICS…
17 Mechanical One Member Co., Ltd. is fully capable of producing high quality products.