July 2021: Z117 factory organizes electrical executives for technical workers

Pursuant to the Circular No. 142/2020/TT-BQP dated November 20, 2020 of the Minister of National Defense promulgating the Regulation on the content and methods of organizing the examination and assessment to raise the skill level of the employees. with defense workers.
Aim to build a team of skilled technical workers, with industrial style, to meet the requirements of immediate and long-term production tasks; serve as a basis for raising and keeping technical ranks, raising wages in accordance with regulations and arranging to use laborers on reasonable production lines, ensuring effective quality.
On 11/07/2021 Factory Z117 held a theory test of lifting and holding technical worker level in 2021.
Attending the direction and opening of the exam were Senior Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Xuan Hoi – Deputy Director of the Factory, and members of the Factory’s Qualifications and Skills Examination Council including: Mr. Colonel Nguyen Van Nghia – Head of Product Quality Inspection Department, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel Le Thi Thanh Tam – In charge of Head of Labor Organization Department, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Thi Thu – Head of Safety Department.
+ Number of contestants: 189 candidates divided into 2 exams.
+ Number of occupations: 26 occupations.
Exam format: Multiple choice.
With the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in parallel with the organization of a level-up exam for technical workers, Z117 Factory has strictly implemented Covid-19 prevention and control such as: spraying disinfection of the entire room. test, disinfect hands, wear masks, and arrange for candidates to sit at a distance.
The assessment exam to raise and keep the level of technical workers in 2021 took place successfully and effectively.