Human Resource

1. Technical, professional and professional qualifications:
– Above University: 20 people
– University, College: 181 people.
– Intermediate, Beginner: 814 people.
– Advanced workers: 470 people
2. Coaching and training:
a) Annually, the Company organizes training for employees on occupational safety and health:
– Training for comrades who are officers at units in the Company
– Persons in charge of safety and hygiene management of students
– Training in first aid for production teams, professional training in occupational health for medical staff.
– Training to issue safety cards for employees to target groups as prescribed by law.
b) Cooperate with the National Center for Occupational Safety in organizing training and granting certificates for subjects doing occupations related to equipment with strict requirements on occupational safety (operating: Pot steam, forklift, crane, air compressor)
c) Training on the annual examination of occupational skills (level-up exam) for employees.