Outdoor silver sprinkler

Outdoor silver sprinkler pipe
Instructions for using silver sprinkler pipe:
– Open the carton box, take out the product and place it on a flat hard surface in the direction of the arrow pointing up.
Activation method:
+ Bait: Use a fire source to ignite the wire slowly, then back away with a distance of not less than 4m, wait for the product to work.
+ Electric bait: Connect the product to the power cord no less than 4m away, use 1.5V to 12V electronic power to activate the product
Note when using silver water spray pipe:
– Do not use in a place containing flammable and explosive substances.
– Use the product outdoors.
– When the product burns out, wait until there are no embers before putting it in the trash.
– The safe distance when using the product is ≥ 2m.
– Gross weight (max), kg: 0.062
– Bag size (max), mm: Ø35×122
– Burning time, s: 20÷3.0
– Spray height, m: 2.0÷3.0
– Effect: Silver-white light beam, allowing light yellow to be mixed
– For electric primer type:
+ Ignition current of electric igniter, A: 1.0±0.1
+ Safe current of electric igniter, A: 0.18±0.01
– For type of igniter:
+ Burning time of slow burning wire, s: 8÷12 (80mm length)