Hand held flame flower sprayer

Handheld flame flower sprayer
User manual:
– Open the PE bag, take out the product and put it on the birthday cake or hold it by hand in the direction of the arrow pointing up.
– Check the product structure, the product structure must be sure, not loose, no taste of the drug will fall out.
– Activation method: Use a fire source to ignite the initial layer of paper, then back away with a distance of not less than 0.5m. If hand-held, keep 0.5m away from people when the product works
– After the product burns out, let it cool for no less than 1 hour or water the inside of the product to wet, then throw it in the trash.
Note when using:
-Do not use in a place containing flammable and explosive substances
– It is recommended to use the product outdoors or in a well-ventilated room
– When the product burns out, wait until there are no more embers before putting it in the trash
– Children must be under the guidance and supervision of adults.
– Gross weight (max), kg: 0.03
– Bag size (max), mm: 16×235
– Burning time, s: 10÷20
– Spray height, m: 0.2÷0.5
– Effect: Silver white light beam.