Silver waterfall

Silver Waterfall
– User manual:
+ Take the product out of the box and PE bag, firmly tie the two ends of the rope to hang the product horizontally from 2÷4 m above the ground, the rope does not sag.
Use a match or lighter to ignite the tip of the fuse.
+ Back away from the product > 5m, after about 8÷12 seconds, the waterfall starts to burn.
– Note:
+ Do not use the product in a place with flammable substances. Store in a cool, dry place, away from locations that could cause fire or sparks.
+ Use the product strictly according to the instructions, do not use for other purposes.
Children must be under the guidance and supervision of adults.
+ When the product burns out, wait until there are no embers before putting it in the trash.
– Gross weight (max), kg:
– Length of the rope, m: 2720
– Operating time, s: 37÷43
– Height of waterfall, m: 4.0÷5.0
– Effect: White to silver-white light beam
– Ignition type: Burning type.