Rotating Petals

Rotating Petals
User manual:
– Open the box, take out the product bag, remove the PE bag, peel off the double-sided tape (pre-glued at the bottom of the cylinder).
– Place the glued product firmly on the ground or flat hard surface.
– Use matches and lighters to ignite a slow-burning fuse.
– Back away from the product ≥ 3m.
Note when using:
– Do not use in a place containing flammable and explosive substances.
– It is recommended to use the product outdoors or in a large, well-ventilated room.
– When the product burns out, wait until there are no embers before putting it in the trash.
– Children must be under the guidance and supervision of adults.
– Gross weight (max), kg: 0.062
– Bag size (max), mm: 22×81
– Burning time, s: 20÷30
– Effect: 0.2÷0.5
– Burning time of slow burning wire, s: 23 (total length of 230mm).