Bonus & Gift

Experiencing the period of construction, growth and development, although at times the Company encountered many difficulties and challenges; but received the attention and facilitation of the Heads and agencies of the Ministry of National Defense; Heads and agencies of the General Department of Defense; of your units inside and outside the Army; of the party committees, authorities and local people where the unit is stationed. The company has overcome difficulties and always successfully completed all assigned tasks, making worthy contributions to the cause of national construction and defense; The Party, State and Army have awarded many Orders, medals and flags of all kinds, such as:
+ Emulation flag of President Ho Chi Minh’s advanced unit – 1960
+ Title “Hero of Labor” – 2005,
+ The title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” – 2014,
+ Victory Medals, First, Second, and Third Class: (Total of 12 Medals),
+ Labor Medals, First, Second and Third Class: (Total of 7 Medals),
+ Military Merit Orders, Second and Third Class: (Total of 04 Medals),
+ 01 Ho Chi Minh Prize,
+ 02 Certificates of Merit from the Hanoi People’s Committee on export,
+ 02 Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Trade on export,
+ 06 Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Industry and Trade “Prestigious export enterprise”
+ 01 Certificate of Merit for Entrepreneur, typical enterprise Hanoi Golden,
+ 01 Golden Globe title,
+ 01 Gold Cup “Enterprise Integration and Development”,
+ 01 Gold Cup “Brands and trademarks”
And many other noble awards of the Party, State, Army and ministries have often given to the Company during the past 65 years.