Mission & Vision

1. Vision:
– Building a strong company in terms of organization and force, with an advanced, strict and dynamic management mechanism to actively integrate into the domestic and international economy.
– Having advanced and modern technology, ensuring the production capacity of defense products.
– High labor productivity, fully participating in the supply chain of mechanical products and supporting industries of the National and International.
2. Mission:
– Ensuring defense production tasks at the same time as developing economic products to bring into full play the resources invested by the State and the Army for enterprises.
– Sustainable development ensures enough jobs, gradually improves and raises incomes for workers. Employees are always aiming for better working conditions.
– Preserve and develop the State’s capital assigned to enterprises.
– Expand the market, diversify products, maintain existing products and partners, improve quality and industrial design. Research and develop new products, build product brands and corporate brands.
– Actively participate in domestic and international economic cooperation, participate in national and international supply chains.