Movement to prevent Covid 19 epidemic at Z117 Factory

Song title: Poem “I’m 5K”
The whole country is joining hands to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. Dr. Le Ngoc Kien – Chairman of Military Medical Z117 and the entire team of medical staff and doctors of Z117 Hospital in collaboration with the Factory Safety Committee – are very energetic, enthusiastic, not afraid of difficulties, afraid of suffering to contribute to the protection. for staff and factory workers to work safely.
– The following poem was composed by Doctor Le Ngoc Kien:
“I AM 5K”
(mask, distance, disinfection, do not gather, medical declaration)
You are “5K Message”
Wherever you go, remember me is safe
Masks of silent weapons
Delicious, nutritious, cheap, easy to hold, easy to wear
Next 2 meters distance
Will prevent drops from flying to each other
Disinfect Covid die quickly
Kill germs before and after safely
No gatherings, no parties
Peace of mind at work, peaceful agency
Enthusiastic medical declaration
Safe, healthy, beautiful, love life
5K you are so amazing
Wherever you go, please don’t leave me.
May 12, 2021
Author: B.S Le Ngoc Kien
Z117 Infirmary gives free masks to people